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Flyboard Canada your Zapata Racing authorized Distributor and master training center, with headquarters located in beautiful Vancouver, British Columbia, Canada.

Since 2012 when Flyboard was first produced commercially in France, we’ve been building the industry and the sport from ground up to what is has become today. Our roles have included bringing Flyboarding to the masses by teaching new Flyboarders, licensing new Instructors, and by putting on the world’s first Flyboard North American Flyboard Championships in Toronto, Ontario with over 32 Professional Flyboarders attending from over 5 different countries.

We are the Canadian distributor for Zapata Racing Flyboard®, Hoverboard® and now JetPack®.  The sport of Flyboarding is currently active in over 50 countries and we’ve have already held 3 annual xDubai Flyboard World Championships.


Our sport of Flyboarding is cutting edge, exciting and addictive. Flyboarding has experienced an unprecedented growth rate, with no signs of slowing down. This is the world’s fastest growing sport and we’ve been involved since it’s inception in 2012.

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We're not around right now and probably out on the water. Send us an email and as soon as we land, we'll get back to you. Thanks and much appreciated. Flyboard Canada

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